Preamp and amp combo match Martin Logan Sequel 2

Slowing building up a new system. Does anyone have experience in matching a solid performing 7.1 channel pre-amp and equivalent power amp to a set of Martin Logan Sequel II speakers.

Like to cap the combination cost (new or used) at $5k-$6k.

For now, I'll only run in two channel mode, but want the flexibility of extending the systems use. Listening room is large (28' x 44') and fairly live. Musical preference: acoustical instrumentation, voice only, live jazz and symphony.

Take a look at some anthem
also ive been a martin logan dealers for a while , and evertime they do a show they are always useing b&k to show off there stuff..
Look for a good 2 channel amp to start. Something that doubles down to 2ohm preffered. Older Levinson or Proceed HPA-2 ( what I am familliar with )
I have also heard some of the newer Classe powering Logans that worked well.
Then pick up a good 2 channel pre that will allow you to add a surround processor down the road IE Audio-research reff 1 or 2mkII. Get the 2 channel right first with your budget then expand later. You might find you are happy enought with 2 channel to not even bother with surround.
I forgot to add... use caution with the 3xx series Levinson as they have been known to have an expensive cap issue so keep that in mind when pricing a used one. Repair is expensive.