preamp/amp or integrated? That is the question

Hello Ladies and Gents audiophiles!
I am looking to upgrade and here are the questions:
-classic amp/preamp combo?
-integrated amp?
-vintage/classic or new?
Budget is around 4000 dollars used.
I listen to: big Symphonies, electric blues, classic rock.
All answers will be read.
Thank you kindly.
Sugden A21 SE integrated. This piece is voiced well enough for symphonies as the Class A amp tends a bit toward tube-like smoothness. Being all solid state though, it carries the bite and attack of blues and rock well. It is really really fast. Attack of any instrument is immediate.

Vocals are a dream. Pace and rhythm intact. Beautiful imaging.

It will also drive about any speaker out there to very loud levels with
30 wpc.....remember, it's Class A.

The only thing to be aware of is speaker cable matching. Class A is particular.

Market price is $2500 and yes I owned one for years driving a myriad of speakers from Reference 3A to Merlin monitors.

Good Luck
You might want to check out the offerings of Frank VanAlstine. He makes electronics that function and sound way beyond their pay grade. Check this out:
I listen to: big Symphonies, electric blues, classic rock.
And what speakers do you listen to the above through?
Without knowing what speakers you intend on driving, I'm afraid any recommendation about amps is meaningless.

what other gear will be included in your system? Most importantly, which brand(s) of cables & power cords do you plan to use as well?

I would be interested in hearing from the guys who own a Pass Labs integrated? Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Speakers: right now upgrading from my current EPI 400 to
ADS 910.
So many good choices at your price point. If you go classic/vintage make sure to have a thorough inspection/refurb. Those speakers are too good for 40 year old caps. Might want to have the crossover checked too.
Either these days can deliver top notch sound. The devil is in the details. There is less for the end user to get wrong that can negatively affect resulting sound and performance with a good integrated amp. They are also more compact and ergonomic. Separates give you more control but involves more smart decision making to get right.

Either can sound really good and offer good value. I use both to good effect and would have few reservations going either way these days.
we see a separate post asking about the vintage ADS 910 speakers

If you are willing to cough up $4K for the new amplification alone (fuggeddaboud the esoteric and irrelevant distinctions between separates versus integrated for the moment) then IMO a step-up to better speakers, on par with the new amp build quality and performance capabilities; would follow lockstep to do the new amp justice.
the 910 are fine vintage speakers, but I agree that $4,000 is way too much to spend on amp for them...
Rockanroller, the only integrated amp that I ever would think of using personally is that by Exemplar Audio, the exception, but it costs $5500. I have heard earlier versions of it a liked them very much but this weekend I'm going to hear the "greatly improved" version. It is a hybrid piece.
I've been most impressed with the bel canto c5i I picked up recently. Hard to fault. Very user friendly as well. Just leave it on all the time pick a source (digital analog line level or phono) and play and enjoy. Quality sound done well and made reasonably affordable. c7i receiver is said to be even better.