Preamp/Amp matching 5 Channel VS 2+3 Channel

Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my surround system. I had Musical Fidelity HTP dts processor/preamplifier. I need some help for amplification that will match with my Musical Fidelity processor. I am thinking to go two routes.

1. I am planning to buy 5 channel amp( such as Pass
Lab X5) or

2. Planning to buy 3 channel amps (such as Myryad MA-
360) for center and 2 rear speakers. And buy 2
channel amps (such as Edge M8) for front main
speakers. I would like to use my front main
speakers with 2 channel amps more often for my

Now I need expertise’s from you guys which way should I go. By the way I am using Vienna Acoustics Schonberg for front main, Webern for center speaker and Berg for the rear surround speakers.

Of course amps need not be matched to top end components, but to the speakers. The manufacturer provides a recommended range for their products. That said, if you want to simplify, a single amp can be used whether you connect all channels for not.

For instance, I have an active eq/xo system and use four amps (interconnect splitter cables) for each side of a two channel system. Since there is an amp for each individual driver, only 50-75 watts is needed per. The only 8 channel 50-75 watt amp I could find with decent specs was the ATI 6012 model which is 12 channels, 60w. Since I only used 8, the other 4 were unused. No problem.