Preamp/ Amp matching

I need some advice on matching a preamplifier to my existing tube amp. The amp is an Audio Research D250 with single ended inputs only. I am concerned that a more modern preamp would be a waste because of the balanced circuitry involved as opposed to a preamp built around the same time as the amp which only has SE outputs. Budget at this time is of MAJOR importance and leaves me with few choices as I would also like a remote. I am currently looking at the following models.
VTL 2.5
I own the ARC LS3B (B stands for balanced outputs).Unit is available with single ended outputs too.Amazing line stage,magic in a box.Look for a used one as it is long out of production obviously.Price is fair ,even when new .
Remote was 250$ option when I bought it and skipped it.
Don't care much about it either.I love the solid feel of the volume control.Hope that helps you a little.
Thank yo for your suggestion, I will look into that preamp a bit more.
However my real question is whether a balanced pre would be a waste of time with my amplifier. I notice that a lot of the reviews regarding preamps are in the balanced configuration and not wired single ended to the amp. A few other reviews on preamps suggest that the balanced outputs offer far greater improvement over sound as does single ended. Yet so many manuf. only offer se outputs.
If I purchase a preamp with balanced and single ended outs and only use the se outputs will I be missing something?
My amp does not require a lot of gain so SE is not a problem. A couple of reviews regarding the LS-9 suggest NOT to use the single ended outputs as they are inferior to the balanced. Why would this be, and if the case why would they offer both.

May I suggest that you try Audible Illusions M3A tubed pre with external power's fabulous and a great buy used. Since your amp is only single-ended, buying a pre with balanced in/outs will be redundant. In order for your system to be "balanced" your amp MUST also have balanced connections and connected via xlr's. Higher gain does not necessarily mean better sound.

Hope this helps and good luck with your pre search.
It is wrong to characterize balanced as "more modern" since some of the finest equipment made in the world today is single ended. I would choose a preamp from a manufacturer that specializes in single ended equipment as equipment that is optimized for balanced operation is not always at it's best when used single ended.

I would add the Conrad Johnson PV-10 to my short list.
IMHO balanced linkage is of only real significance with long cable runs ( say >50ft) as per the professional usage for which it was intended (mixer desk to PA's). I have some McIntosh and Theta amps/preamps and haven't noted any audible difference between the two. Features such as impedance matching, inputs (+/- phono stage), remote, cosmetics as well as overall sonic performance are likely to be far more important than worrying about XLR.
I agree with seminola22 .I used my ARC line stage with balanced and single ended (My power amp ML27.5 has both types of inputs as well)outputs and can't say I noticed any difference in sound quality.Now I am not golden eared either.The Direct input in my line stage provides far better sound than any other gimmick.
I read somewhere that in order to get improvements in sound quality the whole system has to be balanced.Audio research provides(favors) balanced inputs/outputs in all(I think) of their products.As well as other manufacturers .
Balanced was designed for professional applications where extra long cable runs are often used.
Thanks for the responses everyone. I am aware that balanced has been around for a while in pro and home gear. As far as the Audible Illusions, I do like the pre but I would really like a remote. I am currently using a Sonic Frontiers signature phono stage so I can get away with a line only pre. I'll spend some more time on the web checking out all of my options.
I really would like to get an LS-9 due to some fairly good reviews, price, remote and manufacture but I also noticed that most people use it with balanced outputs. My concern is that this could mean that ARC has skimped out on the single ended design of this pre and focused on mainly the balanced circuitry.
Am I being petty? Or is there some valid consideration?
I agree that many respondents seem hung up on balanced connections,but I would also think that it would be better to go for a manufacturer which is all single ended. The main one of course is Conrad Johnson, I use the Premier 17 which is not cheap of course, but have used the PV range which are all good and quite cheap on Audiogon. I prefer CJ to ARC anyway, but what do I know. Balanced is only really important in long cable runs and in many instances SE can be better, although it seems to me the difference is marginal.
Hi take a look at Gary's entry level pre ($450) on up to his reference pre are all great values.