Preamp/Amp impedance mismatch

I'll apologise up front for this 'newbie' question!

I have Channel Islands Audio D-100 monoblocks, with a rated input impedance of '100k ohms'. I am considering a Linn Kolektor preamp to go with them. However, the Linn has an output impedance of '300 ohms'. Is this going to cause any sort of problem?

No. It's just fine.


Of course not! It means that the preamp can drive the amp (load) easily even with longer interconnects. A 300 Ohms source can properly sink the current to a 100k load without breaking a sweat. That is 1:333.3333 ratio where people here recommends 1:10 ratio only.

I doubt it if you can reach the mid volume level of your preamp before you can get the rated output power of the amp. I had the ICE H2O with 8K input Z driven by a Supratek preamp with 600 Ohms output Z through 8 feet interconnects and never had a problem.

Just relax....enjoy!
Thanks for the replies - that's certainly reassuring.

The main reason why I'm leaning towards a Linn preamp is because of the compact size - which is all that will fit in my rack - and the HT pass-thru feature.

Does anyone have any comments on the quality of Linn preamps? Is there anything else that would fit the bill?