Preamp/Amp combo for Amati?

I have just recently upgraded to Amati. Right now driven by CJ PV14L & MV60. I am in process for changing the combo? what is your suggestions?

Emre, I am currently driving my Amati's with the Pass X-600's and an Audio Research Ref II mk I preamp. I have found the Amati's to like a tube in the signal path, however not so much in the amp, but more so in the Preamp. I tried a pair of Cary V-12i mono's, but they just couldn't bring the speaker to life like the Pass gear does. I hope this helps.

Darrin, Thanks for your reply. I was also thinking the pre tube & power ss. For pre I will audition VTL 7.5 & Aesthetix & if available CJ ACT2. For power ss I am thinking about Gryhpon Antileon Signature or Pass XA160.