preamp advice.. quad 909 + esl-63

hi all..
i just got a quad 909 amp and would like to ask your advice on a preamp. my speakers are quad esl-63.. and i'll be playing mostly LP's. ideally 2 channel for cd too would work, but i don't mind switching cords either. is there anything under, say, $300 or so that would work well?

thanks very much.
No, unless you are very lucky. The 63s are very revealing speakers [I use to be a Quad dealer] and will reveal deficiencies in your associated equipment. I would budget quite a bit more to get the most out of your gear. Your amp is quite good and the speakers are excellent.
thanks on this. while my budget's limited, if there's something great you might suggest under $1000, i could wait and buy eventually..

thanks again..
There are many used ones that are good in this price range but they are constantly changing. I would read the archive reviews in Stereophile when I saw one I liked. I'll be glad to tell you anything I know about a particular model if you email me. I liked Quad preamps, the 44 turns up once in a while and isn't bad, no remote or modern conveniences. The Creek passive pre, 21 or 22, I forget, is very good; it is around $500 new. You could get something like the Musical Fidelity V series phono stage, which is $179 new to use with it. An older Classe pre with built in phono would also be good. But as I said there are many possibilities.
Look for a used Quad 99. Mixing and matching does not work with Quad electronics. By using the matching preamp you will be assured tonal accuracy and averall musicality. Included is a balanced "QuadLink" bus cable to minimize cost and concern about which cable to buy.
I like all of Stanwal's suggestions. There is a B&K Pro 10 on agon right now @ $285.00. It is as good as you'll get at the price point, musical and smooth, good bass and this one is in very good shape.
Good Luck,
hi all .. thanks so much for this advice. i looked everything up and started reading audiogon threads and now i'm deep into figuring out an ideal preamp/phono setup. a last question.. i could definitely get a quad 99 or 44 used. would you suggest that vs something like a croft micro-25 basic/pre, or quad QC-24, or conrad-johnson pv12, all of which i've read favorable reviews.

i'll play phono maybe 2/3 of the time.

OR i could buy a passive preamp with multiple sources (creek, CI audio, axiom, sonosilent) and then get a phono preamp. stanwal suggested a musical fidelity V. if i again can spend a bit more.. should i look at things like dynavector p75, quicksilver phono stage, pro-ject phono box, jolida jd9, promitheus phono stage, creek obh-15/18?

i definitely understand that the whole joy of this is trying options and slowly perfecting one's sound. and i'm sure this is the start of a longer journey.. but its hugely helpful to hear how you might suggest i configure my initial setup.

thanks so much...