I recently acquired a Krell amplifier; FPB-600 and I need a better preamp. Currently I'm using a Nakamichi CA-7A and I was thinking of a McIntosh or a Krell. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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I have often thought about buying a Nakamichi CA-7A preamp because of my confidence in their cassette decks (I've had many). Specifically, what don't you like about the Nakamichi? I'm just curious. I know it doesn't have the heft or build-quality of anything by Krell, but does it sound bad?
Hi, The Nak is a fine preamp. I was told by Krell that it does not have the proper amount of DC voltage to fully drive the Krell FPB-600 to its fullest capacity, plus it lacks XLR outputs, which is a superior connection to single ended, i.e. Quieter and less noise. The problem I have is that a Krell preamp, does not have enough inputs to accommodate the number of sources I have. 

bradley_horwitz hi,

what is your source? and does it have a volume/level control?

If so have you tried to use direct into the Krell? 

Cheers George

Hi George, 

I use a few different sources, including analog tape. I have not tried connecting directly to the Krell amp, as I was told by Krell not to and that my preamp needs to have a minimum of 6 to 12 volts (DC)? Of output to fully drive the Krell 

You’ve got something wrong there Brad with the 6-12v DC. 

The output from source or preamp is AC, if it were DC you’d blow amp and speaker up in an instant.

Your FPB-600 as tested by Stereophile puts out it’s full output of 935Wpc!!! into 8 ohms, with 3.9v of ac going in.

So as you can see, if you were to halve that to 2v you’d still put out 415w into 8ohms which I’m sure is still plenty enough for whatever speakers you have, most dacs and cd player put out over 2v some even 6v.

So if you have a source that has volume control try it direct into the Krell, I’m sure you will still have plenty left for ear splitting days or parties.

BTW: That 6 to 12 volts (DC)? you were told is for sure the voltage for remote switch on (power up) for the Krell, from an external source. But I'm sure you can switch on the Krell manually as well. 

Cheers George 
Here is the manual if you don’t have it
Thank you George, I greatly appreciate your clearing this up for me.