Pream PROC for HT need help to choose ..

I've been slowly designing a good HT system for my parents..going from listening sessions to experience from people here :) wich are reallyhelpfull ..

i've run into a small problem though,
the preamp/proc ...
I wanted to get an all canadian system using totems HT speakers, classe amp and proc ..
the problem i have with this is the price..
the totems are pricey but can get at good price here,
the classe AMPs aren't that pricey and we aren't looking for 300W on each channel either..
but the Classe SSP serie PROC are just out of price..
i can't put 2000$ just for the proc as this will kill the budget for all the accessories and it would be stupid to get a good pre and system and run it on cheap cables..

so .. what choise de we have when it comes to good sounding PROCs ??

thank you...
There is a Classe ssp-25 for sale on this site now for $1498
How about a Canadian Sonic Frontiers AVM-2 processor? Decent processor for a decent price.