Pre with phono and headphone 1000 used?

For right now mated with Citation SS amp and ProAc Studio 150 speakers. Would prefer tubes. Thinking of ARC, CJ, Melos, etc. Any chance of decent enough headphone out to drive Sennheiser 580/600's, or is this too much to ask?
HMMMMM might be try the MELOS,hopefully you can score one under a grand,C.J is nice too but for less,not sure if it has headphone jack but just search for it.Good luck
Audiolab 8000C ($1,100. MSPR new). Used?? This is also solid state. For tube some of the Sonic Frontiers preamps have headphone amps, but I don't think the ones with phono. Such as the SF Anthem Pre-1L and Pre-2L linestage models have very nice headphone amps, but the Pre-1 with phono does not. Check the other SF models. Maybe you'll need to consider separate headphone amp or separate phono stage after all, depending on which preamp you like.
You can get a used CJ PV10A or an AR SP6 for around $600. I don't know if those have headphone out. Audible Illusion is another good one. What kind of Citation SS amp do you have?
Sorry for not responding ... lost track of the thread. I have a 5.1 (four channel) amp. In the intevening period, I bought a pair of Sennheiser 580's. Don't sound too bad right off the jack on the CDP.