Pre with HT bypass that will improve over Krell

Is there a Pre with HT bypass that would give me a pronounced improvement on 2-channel over my Krell Showcase? I'd like to keep the HT functionality but was curious if any Pre would give me more than subtle improvement. Mccormack RLD1? Any others? Would probably buy used and try to keep it under $2K. Thanks for any ideas or insight.
I'd recommend the Audio Research LS-16. I've heard it against a Krell Showcase and it cleanly beats it. Much more musical, wth a better separation of instruments and a more open, airy sound. You should be able to get 1 here for around $1500.

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Friz1313 is exactly right. I presently have an ARC LS 16 and before the ARC I had the Krell. It's no contest, the ARC is much more musical and cleaner without any grain. There won't be any doubt in your mind which is better. I've had the LS 16 for over a year and really cannot fault it. You'd have to spend quite a bit of money to make any improvement. You will find that even though it is a tube piece it suffers none of the dipped response at the low or high end and is very dynamic. I use it to power a Parasound HCA 3500 through VMPS Supertower/R SE's which are quite revealing and play to an honest 20hz at -3db with power. Tubes are good for a couple of years and are a 5 minute job to change. Then all you need is a cheap HT receiver with pre outs to run through it. LS 16's can be had for 1400-1500 here on Agon. Mine isn't for sale nor will it be for a long time, I'm very pleased with it.