Pre to match Rowland Model 10 ??

I am looking for a preamp to match my Jeff Rowland Model 10.

Budget is $1.5k-$2.5k, used is fine. I have been considering JRDG Synergy II, Rogue 99, BAT VK-3i, CJ-Premier 14, but am open to others. Require a remote, don't need phono.

- Recommendations?
- How important is getting a balanced preamp?
- Should I worry about getting replacement tubes (I've never owned tubes)?

Thanks for any advice!

PS: my source: Music Hall MMF-25 CD player; Speakers: ProAc Response 2.5's which may be replaced by Vandersteens before too long. I listen, at medium to high volume, primarily to rock (Neil Young, Rusted Root, Big Audio Dynamite), Bela Fleck and Ry Cooder type stuff, and techno. Some jazz. Vocals & acoustic guitar matter, but so does bass thump w/out muddiness :)
I highly recommend the Sim P-5 with the Rowland. You should be able to find a use one at the top end of your price range.
y use rowland synergi lli with rowland 12 and cardas gold ref and really is excelent pre. y think that the synergi are your pre.