Pre's for my A308cr

Hello Folks,
I’m looking for a Preamp (preferably SS) that mates well with my MF a308cr. I did a search here and found someone using a Rogue Magnum and someone using a Herron. Both are great Pre’s but the Herron doesn’t come with a remote, and the Rogue is tubed. I absolutely can not stand the looks of the MF a305cr Pre, so that’s not an option. Any other MF a305cr amp users here? What are you using?
I’m willing to spend up to $2200 or so (used).
Any input appreciated!
I've not used your amp but for 2200 there's alot to choose from. I'd try the Bel Canto Pre2 or the Edge G1. That's a very tough call as what your tastes are and what mine may be like are most likely different. I recently purchased a little know brand called Primare and so far like it better than the Krell KRC-3 I'd been using. The Primare is more rich and darker than the Krell was. Also the bass and lowest level detail seem to be greater. This is all in my system though. Pass, Ayre and Simaudio are a few others. You may want to tell us something about your system and what sound you like. One thing though is that if you buy used you won't take a big hit if you don't like it when you resell.