pre's and amps that match well with Electro EMC-1

I have an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK-II CD player. Like myself, many others are very pleased with its performance.

My question is: what are you folks matching with this cdp for pre and power amplification...solid state, tubes, combination?

What do you feel works best and why?

Also, what is your preference in music types?

I primarily listen to rock/jazz. I am looking for input incase I should make changes in my other gear.

barrelchief about Electrocompaniet?
I'm using a Supratek Chardonay preamp and Plinius SA-250 MK IV amp with my EMC 1.
The combination of the three is the best I heard on my system yet. We have the same preference in music it seems like Jazz and Rock.
My Pass dealer put the current EMC-1 in their reference Pass Labs system. It sounds great & was surpassed only by the top YBA player w/dual power supply, (that's an $8500.00 player).......
i use mine with pass labs x250 and BAT VK 40
and it just rocks.
I use mine with pass labs X-1 pre and the combination is very satisfying.
Hi Judith....
I too use my MkII with all-Pass Aleph P and 2 monos. Exquisite. DO RUN BALANCED, whatever you do! Even Electrocompaniet strongly recommends this...and it's not about the +6dB....
Despite highly-linear speakers in the nearfield (Parsifal Encores in an 8' triangle), this system is VERY natural, non-digital-sounding, and thus forgiving of older digital transfers WITHOUT loss of musical detail or HF air. Can't imagine the new "UP" mod could be better! Any comments from the brave?