pre/proc or integrated w/pre outputs

hi all,
maybe someone could offer advice. i currently run a denon avr-687 and am looking to upgrade. i just acquired a RBH labratories 5 channel amp 100WX2 & 75WX3 which i would like to use.
I've been looking at outlaw 970/990. rotel 1066 and NAD T163 preamps. But now I started to consider an Integra "all-in-one" (5.8, 6.8, 7.4 or 7.8) and use the pre outs to driver the RBH amp?
What I'm asking is will I get a significantly better sounding unit by selecting one of these over the other. Does one manufacturer use better ic's or dac's which should sway me?
Currently I send all my video & audio into the Sony Bravia and take the optical out from the sony & feed the Denon AVR-687. The only other input I utilize on the denon is Optical 2 from my satellite dish receiver.
So I don't really use (need) many inputs like most of these pre/procs offer or the denon for that matter. what i really want is better, cleaner, more defined audio.

Any input would be welcomed
Follow up: If I could get the 970 in the neighborhood of three hundred plus, do you think it would be a wise investment and i would see a significant improvement over the denon?
Is the RBH really an upgrade over the Denon? Isn't it an older unit? To really see a benefit from power increases, you will need to double or triple the power from the denon. If you figure that by going to one of these processors first is a good start, then great. There is no use in going to the Integra units that I see. Go for a pre/pro that can handle your satellite outputs. Then from the pre/pro to the Bravia.
I'd really push you to use the digital outs from the dish reciever to the pre/pro and analogue outs from the receiver directly to the bravia for when you aren't using surround.