pre/pro with 2nd zone

I just bought and sold a B&K Ref 30. It was only being used as my video processor and my 2nd zone music pre. I use it for only background music around the house and out at the hot tub in zone 2. My problem with the Ref 30 was that getting inot zone 2 and using it was more involveds and required more patience than my wife can muster up. Does anuone have any experience with the many processor out with an easy to use 2nd zone. I run my fronts through the external video loop on my CJ LS16 so 2 channel sound quality is not as important as video capapbilities and the 2nd zone access. Thanks...dave
The Sherbourn pre/pro has a second zone that is pretty easy to use - we have sold some to customers who are looking to do HT or multi-zone setups. It is not super expensive and has all the bells and whistles you need (including an onboard tuner) It is not an ultra-audiophile grade two channel preamp, but as you point out this is not an issue for you.
Most Zone-2's are a pain to use. However, my completely anti-technical wife mastered our Ref20 via a better remote control with macros. You probably could have addressed the problem with a $150 remote, I'm guessing less than you lost in the Ref30 transaction...