Pre/Pro with 2 MCH analog inputs plus..

I am looking for suggestions of a pre/pro with ALL of the following features:

1. 2 separate analog 5.1(+) inputs and 2 or more analog stereo inputs
2. Analog inputs can bypass digital processing
3. Analog inputs can have analog bass management
4. All the other regular digital features

Ring a bell with anyone?
The 2 seperate 5.1 inputs has me stumped..... I don't know of ANY pre/pro that has TWO....

I'm sure they exist, but they may not be in the format you want (ie Chiro C800/C5.1 has 2 seperate analog is a DB-25, one is RCA....but the DB-25 is used for the C5.1 input...thus eliminating the second when you need two inputs....
There are several preamps with 2 but, so far, no pre/pros. With a pre only, I'd need a sepatate pro and that would mean that I'd then need 3 inputs on the pre. Vicious cycle.

You might consider an external multichannel switcher like this to make your search easier.

You might consider an external multichannel switcher like this to make your search easier.
You may want to look at the Sony TAP-9000es - all analogue and 2 sets of 5.1 inputs. Audio Refinement has one (Pre-5) that is analogue and I *think* has 2 sets of inputs. Both of the above mentioned should be found for <$1K. I had a similar search a little over a year ago and ended up with the Audio Refinement Pre-2DSP. It only has 1 set of 5.1 inputs though and is a pre-pro but all analogue (no digital processing of the incoming source signal). I have SACD but would like the second 5.1 input for DVDA so I don't have to buy a universal player. For now though I am content with SACD until more "must have" titles are released on DVDA.
Thanks. I have already reviewed the Sony and the Pre5. The former is not a pre/pro and the latter has only one MCH input (and ain't a pre/pro either). Looks like an external switch may be necessary.

Oh, no receivers, please.

Sorry, I didn't catch the qualification of needing a processor:-) I would love to find exactly what you are looking for! If you find it, let me know. I have been wishing for that type of flexibility for about 3 years. I ended up with the Audio Refinement Pre-2DSP but am limited to only 1 set of 5.1 inputs - having to stick with my current SACD but no DVDA (don't want a univ. player either). Right now, I am looking strongly at the Bel Canto Pre-6 but would be relying on the internal DD/DTS processing of the DVD/SACD player I am using since it isn't a processor. I would have to forego Pro-LogicII and some of the other music surround modes. I miss the days when manufacturers made "processor only" units that didn't function as preamps. Then you could stick with a HQ multi-channel pre and swap out (or upgrade) the processors to accomodate newer technologies!
Consider a multi-channel preamp. The EMM-Labs Switchman 3 (if you don't mind a wired remote) or the new Audio Research MP1 come to mind. You get 3 or more sets 5.1 multichannel analog inputs from multiple sources: SACD, DVD-A, and even your SS-Processor. The MP1 has a processor pass-thru with unity gain, allowing a home theater processor to control overall system volume (by connecting a pair of amps/speakers to the processor output you achieve 7.1!). Just received my Audio Research MP1 Friday but haven't had a chance to set up yet. Sources include the following: Lexicon RT-10, Sony C555ES, Denon 5900 into Lexicon MC-8B. All speakers active: ATC ASL100 (3), ATC ASL 20 (4) and ATC C-6 LFE. Ray.
Thanks. I've seen and heard the MP1 but it ain't a processor and that means an additional box on the already crowded rack.
Slightly off topic. Can somebody, please explain this? I have Bryston SP-1 Pre-Pro, which has one set of 5.1 inputs. My understanding is that Bryston's preamp section is 2 channel analog preamp "analogous to Bryston own B-25 stereo preamp". So, how does Bryston do 5.1 channel preamplification for multichannel analog source ( SACD or DVD-Audio)? Two front channels go through the analog pass-through and the rest through the digital circuitry of processor part?
The same applies to Audio Refinement Pre5, which is again a 2-channel analog preamp with "5.1 capability". Appreciate your clarification in advance.
The Bryston SP-1 (or SP-1.7) has multiple 2-channel analog inputs for stereo redbook CD player, 2-channel output from your SACD player (most/all SACD players have one set of 5.1 and one set of stereo analog outputs), or even FM radio-tuner and vinyl turntable. There is only one set of 5.1 analog inputs--this set of inputs can be used by only one set of 5.1 analog outs from a 5-channel SACD player or your DVD-Audio player. The 2-channel bypass and the 5-channel bypass modes engages the Bryston's "2-channel analog preamplifier" or its "5-channel multichannel preamplifier" --bypassing all digital processing of the SP1 (1.7)
Rros05666! So, what you are saying is that Bryston does have a discrete 5 channel analog preamplifier? That's were my confusion is coming from- I was under impression, that Bryston analog preamp is 2 channels only. The same goes for Audio Refinement Pre5, which according to Stereophile article by Kal Rubinson is "essentially 2 channel preamp" with 5.1 input. What I'm actually asking is this: Is there any way to make a stereo preamp capable of processing multichannel (5.1) analog input of SACD or DVD-Audio by simply (or not simply) employing 5.1 input?. Regards.
No. The Bryston and the Pre5 have 6 analog channels, although they each handle them a bit differently as the Bryston has digital processing as well. The only way to convert your 2channel preamp to 5.1 is to buy 2 more!