Pre-Pro Suggestions?


My modest system includes the following:

PrePro - Parasound DSP 1000
Rotel CD RCD-855
Oppo 970HD
Front - Sonic Impact (7.5 Wpc) - Klipsh KG-4
Rear/Center- Mondial Acurus 100 Wpc- Dynaco A-25 / Center- Athena C-5
Sub - Dali S-12
TV - Sony WEGA 32"

Room 9' x 18' seating against the short wall

Let me also add that I am more interested in audio, than I am in video. So long as I can fully control center channel volume for dialog, I am generally happy with what I can get now from the system.

Over the last few months, the Parasound has finally given up the ghost and I am left with barely any sound stage width and generally degraded sound, as starkly revealed when the Acurus is turned off.

So, I am looking for a replacement pre-pro (or receiver with pre-pro option.)

I would like to spend around $1000, although I can spend more, if necessary, for a significant bump in quality.

Given the limitations of the room, budget and existing equipment, I understand that options may be limited.

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
You can buy an Onkyo with pre-outs for around $500-$600.... with built in room correction, I would go there.

I have a Harman/Kardon Signature 2.0 pre-pro gathering dust in my family room. I could put that in your hands for $275 + shipping. Research it and read the reviews, this used to be a $2400 pre-pro and was worth every dime of it. It sounds terrific and has all the flexibility one could ever need. I have 2 of these, the other one is running my HT system in the family room and sounds terrific with my Oppo 983 DVD/CD player.

The one I'm looking to sell was just recently running in my bedroom system hooked up to an Oppo 981. Again, it sounds terrific with the Oppo and is a VERY solidly built unit, weighs almost 40 lbs!!

Why spend more money than you have to? Take the extra bucks and use them towards upgrading your Klipsch speakers - you can do much better than those and it will give you more bang for the buck than any other upgrade...

Best Wishes,

Thanks for your responses.

I've heard good things about Onkyo and will certainly take a look at them.

While I appreciate the offer, RW, I do think that I will be best served by looking for something that will handle current and coming technologies in video, as well as providing good audio.

Once the pre/pro situation is sorted out, I will look at replacing the speakers. but, clearly, that has to come first since, no matter how good the speakers, a bad signal will cancel their effect.

The HK will kill the Onkyo for audio-yes, my opinion.
If you have the budget, SPEND IT!
An Anthem AVM-20 or Sunfire III are both amazing sounding in that range. They simply lack the newest in theater choices but have great internal DAC's, cd-direct for 2 channel and nice remotes.
Take a look at the products emotiva have to offer;excellant value with focus on 2 channel audio; as this is one of your concerns.I am running a dmc-1 with excellant results.Also won't break the bank and they offer a upgrade policy that saves you $$ when the next generation of product comes out.
Thanks to all for your comments.

As it turns out, since my need is rather pressing, I was able to get an Emotiva MMC-1 B stock unit for $450 delivered by calling them. While it doesn't have the 40% discount for upgrading, it still has a 5 year warranty and a 30 day trial period.

(Undoubtedly, the next generation of the MMC-1 will have better HDMI connectivity and other goodies. However, they are stuck waiting for Cirrus to release the chips and so they have no idea when they will be able to ship.)

Thanks again for your willingness to spend some time on this question.
The Cirrus chips have been released.