Pre/pro question

I have a Bryston SP3 - which I am very happy with its performance.

However, it does not let me choose video and audio inputs independent of each other (ie I can not watch TV and listen to a CD) if wired 'normally'. To do this, I am currently running HDMI from CBox -> TV, 'analog/SPDIF/whatever' from CBox -> SP3, SPDIF from CD -> SP3. I am controlling video with TV inputs, audio with SP3 source selection.

Here are the questions :

- Any tricks I can use on SP3 so that I run all (video and audio) wires to SP3, than single HDMI to TV and contol all via SP3 ?
- Any switch boxes which I can install between sources and SP3 which lets me select video and audio independently ?
- Any other pre/pro's with comparable audio performance (and price point)to SP3 ?

As side info, SP3 does not let you assign same input to multiple devices (already checked with Bryston). E.g. I can not assign SPDIF-1 to both TV (SAT) and CD setting. Had this been possible, I would have set SAT to HDMI audio - primary, SPDIF-1 to CD. Had this been possible, I would have selected SAT as device and toggled input between 'hdmi/2-ch/dig' for audio.

Thanks for your help.
It looks like you've already done the best you can with that prepro. If you want one with multi-assignable inputs, buy one...

Yes, but which brand / model ? Classe doesn't do it either, Theta is not too clear whether it does or not.