Pre/Pro for Von Schweikert VR2 + Rel Strata 5

I'm looking fo Pre/Pro for my speaker system
Von Schweikert VR2 + Rel Strata5 + VR1 + LCR15
for 70% music + 30% movie

Currently, I'm considering
B&K reference 50
Anthem avm 20
Bryston sp1.7
Krell showcase
Aragon stage one

with Anthem and Bryston as top two choice for it's value

What'll be the good match?
I have the Von Schweikert VR3's for my front,2 LCR 30's for my centers and Definitive tech BPX for the surrounds,Velodyne FSR15 subwoofer
I have the Anthem Statement D1 with 2 P5 Amps, I have Audioquest Cheetah XLR Inputs and Nordost SPM and Red dawn Speaker wire.

This system sound so real, it's like a live studio recording