Pre/Pro Advice: Rotel, B&K, Anthem

Time to upgrade my old Rotel RTC-970 and I'm looking for advice on selection of a new Pre/Pro. This will be used more often for music than home theater, but I still expect some significant home theater use - perhaps 60/40 music vs HT.

I'm looking at the Rotel RSP-1068, the B&K Reference 50, and the Anthem AVM-20 (I'd look to pick up a used AVM-20). I'd be interested in comments from people who have had these components with respect to sound, user interface, and build quality/reliability.

Also, is there something else I should be considering in this price range?

The rest of the system will include a pair of Rotel RMB-980BXs driving Snell XA75PS mains in a bi-amp configuration, and a Rotel RMB-1066 driving the center/surrounds.

I vote for anthem. They will pry my AVM20 from my cold dead hands. I use it mostly in 2 channel through the direct input using all balanced cables.

Good luck,
I second Prpixel's advise!!!!!
Thanks for the response so far.

I'd be particularly interested in opinions on the user interface and quality of these units as I find these aspects difficult to fully evaluate in the store. It's often only after living with a system for a while that the problems or limitations become apparent, or that a particularly useful feature is recognized as such. So, anybody who as used these have any comments along these lines?

Is there some user interface feature they are missing?

Is there something about the user interface you find especially useful?

How has the customer service been?

How has the reliability been?

I am late to this party, but I have owned a Rotel 1066, a B & K Ref 50 (had problems with brightness on audio), a Parasound Halo C2 (great unit, but not upgrading any time soon), and finally, and I mean finally the Anthem AVM30. I love the Anthem. No more switching out for me. They have upgrades coming in bunches, and the AVM20 is really the same unit. Wish I had bought one used.

Go Anthem!!
Anthem, look no further! Viva la Anthem! Of the 3 listed Anthem would be my choice. I would also consider Arcam.