Pre Pro advice. NAD T 187 or??

I know that this topic has been covered somewhat, but I don't think I have read any discussion of the NAD T187. I have a home theater room that I use almost exclusively for movies. Have Vienna Acoustics Beethovens with a VA center channel and small rears with a SVS sub for a 5.1 surround system. Using an ATI 1505 amp and have been using an old EAD Signature pre/pro that was modified a few years back. The EAD sounds great but lacks compatibility with some of the newest HD sound formats. I called a local store to ask about their recommendations for replacing the EAD and they recommended the NAD T187 at $3,000. I have a dedicated two channel setup in another room for music. Thus, HT applications are primary in this system. Any thoughts on whether the NAD is a good choice? He talked about it being modularly upgradeable both in hardware or software. Any other comparably priced (or less!) pre pros that I should consider?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.
First you can't go wrong with a high end NAD product such as this. At this price level, you'll get a SUPERB unit. I too love the NAD sound. However, you may want to consider the Rotel RSP-1572 surround sound processor which I believe lists at $2,100.00 which is most likely a comparable unit. You would need to compare the featurs and functions side by side but they would be close I believe.
I'd just get a Denon 4311 or Anthem MRX 300 and use them as a pre/pro. You can use the amps for a second zone or for extra channels.
It's been awhile since I have followed NAD. I liked their sound - but - has NAD solved the popping / clicking sounds when changing inputs?
I recently went through a similar process and wound up with a NAD T185 which is the previous version of the T187 to replace my NAD M15. I am quite happy with the change.

The main advantage of the NAD for me was its ability to do stellar two channel analog and the Audussy capability. The ability to decode the latest codecs was my original drive but I found it did not make as big a difference as I had expected even with 7.1.

The switching problems seem to be resolves if you use the latest firmware. I got mine used for $1200, but you could find refurbs around with warranty but I don't know if they are still available. If cost is not an issue I would expect the T187 to work quite well also but am not sure what advantages it has over the T185 other than lower retail price.
Finsup, wasn't aware NAD AVRs did this. Wow, doesn't sound appealing. How long ago was this known about NAD AVRs do you know? NAD sure has had their share of QA issues over the years. It's really too bad but I believe they're stable now. I love my NAD T535 universal player I use for multi-channel SACDs. NAD was my first true introduction to quality audio components back in the early 1980s after moving on from Yamaha.
I did not see the above responses (as I was impatient and did not see any for a week) and, after a little more research, I went for an even less expensive unit. Just installed a Marantz AV7005 which I got as a returned certified unit with full 2 year warranty from Marantz for $1199 with free shipping. Am pleased so far with the sound. It is a movie only setup really with only occasional music as my two channel setup takes care of my music needs.

Thanks much for the responses.
Isn't the T187 a pre-pro and not and AVR? If you want an AVR, you need to look at T787 and others.

Anyway, I checked over at another forum that has a number of posts about NAD products and Apbiii may be right: It is possible that with the new electronic relays and firmware updates in the T187, the clicking may have been eliminated which plagued a previous design. Popping may be an unrelated problem that may or may not be fixed. The thread is a long one and I have not read through it and its 4,700 replies.
Oh sorry. You're right, it is a surround sound processor and not a receiver. My slip up.
I would love to hear from anyone who has compared the nad t187 to the onkyo/integra 5508- which seems to get all the focus these days
I'd recommend checking out the NAD pre-pro threads at When I was shopping for a processor last year, I wound up deciding against the NAD based on the numerous reports of popping and other problems reported on that forum. I wound up with a used Anthem processor.

Based on last year's information, if I were shopping for a processor purely for movies in that price range, I'd probably go with an Integra/Onkyo or Pioneer Elite, which seem to be the most glitch free and feature-laden. Marantz might be another good choice.
Mateored. Thanks for the reply. Im looking for about 70 30 music. The onkyo seems to be the onlynone ever discussed unless younarentalking about bryston pricing

Although a used anthem ave as pre pro may have a bit more audio focus
I couldn't even find a shop to audition an NAD processor in Los Angeles last year, which was a shame. One nice thing about the NAD design is that it is easily upgradeable. If the glitches are gone, it's probably a good choice for both movies and music. But I would definitely check out the latest feedback on, since it scared me off of NAD last year. You could also go with an Anthem receiver, like the MRX-300. Honestly, though, I think the Marantz and Pioneer Elite (used as a processor) are pretty good processors. I've never heard the Integra, but they seem to have a lot of fans.