Pre-Power or Int Amp for Totem Wind


I'm looking for amplifier for Totem Wind , but home trial is unavailable in my country. The room is about 4 x 6 m. My budget is around 10k and would likt to have liquidity treble-mid and tight-fast bass.

Thanks in advance
It's been documented here on many occasions that amps and integrateds by Plinius and Simaudio work well with Totem. I'm sure there are many others. I would add that you would do well to purchase something high current-high power.
Plinius is unavailable in my country. Can Moon I-7 or P7+W5.3 do the job? P+W7 are too expensive for me.
Bel Canto amps drove my Totem Forests quite nicely.
I just auditioned the Winds using Audio Research tube pre and amp. Can't recall the model numbers but they were one below the Reference gear. The sound was excellent.
Power makes the Wind's go around, the Wind's go around, the Wind's go around. Power makes the...well, you get the idea with or without the show tune:O) A used Krell FPB400CX or similiar amp would do it.
I have heard the Winds with older model Audio research and with the Ayre K-5XE/V5XE pre, and amp combo. Both were very nice but the Ayre (IMO) was better. Had the things you described wanting in your post.
Overpriced Ayre reference products may work fine, but go for the bargain and get a used Krell...I used a 400cx and KCT to great effect:O)
I like the Sim Audio and Ayre separates ideas. Also suggest looking at Musical Fidelity Superchargers combined with a more modest Ayre or other integrated. The higher end Krells could also do the trick.
The Ayre I mentioned are there entry level, sound very good and cost alot less money than the Krells you recomended. You could problably buy the Ayre new for the price of the used Krell gear you mentioned.
Maybe going with Sim separate component is a good idea. All I know is Wind is a very, very, very demanding speaker. They require tons of power to sing well.

Or you could email Vince at Totem. He designs the speakers and he could recommend a few amps that could sufficiently drive the Wind. But tell him up front that your budget is $10K or less, he tends to recommend pricey amps...:-))

Good luck
I got reply from Totem that it's depend on personal taste.... Well, what a nice advise.

He just give me some successful example:
PLINIUS Sa-103 / p8
Mcintosh 401/501
NAIM nap300
Mcintosh 7000

Most of them are overbudget :(
My error about the Ayre comment, please forgive me.
You can get those amplifiers named by Totem at a hefty discount if you buy them pre-owned (1-2 year old) here or on E Bay.

The partner at my firm had won the auction on a McIntosch integrated on Ebay for 1/3 of the retail price last year and the original owner used it very little and had owned the amp for less than 1 year.

You can always resell them here at a little loss but this should be expected since audio is a hobby:-))

Good luck
I was able to listen to a pair of Wind Designs powered by a Halo A21, very very nice.
I owned the Winds several years ago. Ran them with a Krell 400CX/KCT combo...they sucked up every ounce of juice it could deliver (800w/4ohms). Feed them lot's of good power or don't bother getting them. The Totem integrated was notorious for breaking down when pushed on the Winds, ok for average listening levels but don't turn it up too much or kaboom! 200w/8ohms or 400/4ohms minimum with very high current should be the starting point.
I was thinking about putting this system together.
Totem Wind design, Bryston 7bsst, and Wadia 381i. no preamp.
Not much mention of Bryston and Totem ? synergy or not?
I have heard all of these product lines, just not in the same system. anyone out there with a simular set up?
Thanks -
i have presently the new bryston 4b sst square matched up with the bryston bp 26 incorperated with dac to power my winds. Very clean sound with plenty of punch. A whole lot better then Krell.
Maverick...did you remove the glass table in front of your listening position?
yes i do when i listen to music Dave