Pre/Power Jumpers for McIntosh MA-7000?

I have been reading that the jumpers from preamp to power amp on the McIntosh MA-7000 are not of great quality and a upgrade set of jumpers makes a huge difference anyone familiar? Have a recommendation ? I read even a average upgrade set will work wonders. Ideas? Help? 

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I bought Audioquest jumpers for my McIntosh MA6600 integrated.  It is a night and day difference.  Best $30.00 I have spent in all of audio.
thats what I have been reading what audioquest jumpers did you use?
Audioquest only makes 1 pair of jumpers at $29.95.  I bought them from Audio Advisor.  
Im not sure if it is lack of shielding on the factory jumpers or just a new clean connection but  a set of low end jumpers really cleaned up and smoothed out the music on my ma6900. I also tried a couple pairs of 3' interconnects with the same results.