Pre/Power Amp suggestions for Revel Salon 2

Help! I would like to hear what combination(pre/power amp) owners of the new Revel Salon 2 are using as I have just bought a pair of these wonderful speakers and can't wait to hear them in my home. All I really know is that these speakers(86.4dB) require a solid amplifier with good current delivery as stated in a recent review(The Absolute Sound). Please help ! Your response would be very much appreciated.
My friend is using a Proceed AVP and Amp 5 to power his Salons, sounds terrific...


Meridian pre/pro. (I prefer the 861 but the G series is a close second)

Levinson amps (think 436 mono's, 33H, 33's)

Transparent cables. (Reference)

You'll love it!
I am using Mcintosh C-2300 thru a pair of 501's.....UNREAL!!