Pre Playback Wipedown

Just before I play a record, I use an AT brush to wipe off dust, if any. I also wet the brush with the AT634 fluid.


This preplay wipe down fluid is costly. I know it has a surfactant, alcohol water and some scent

Please advise on a simple and records safe pre-playback wipedown fluid I could make, preferably without the surfactant. Eg, X Parts alcohol (IPA?) to Y parts distilled water

My records have been ultrasonically cleaned and stored in good sleeves but I find that a moist preplayback wipedown is beneficial.

Thank you



I use a Last brush sprayed with the finest mist of Audio Intelligent #6. The mist is so fine that it hardly uses any fluid and the brush is barely moistened.

Thank you all for your input. Unfortunately, my question still remains unanswered. Please do help. Formulation.

I think nothing surpasses a dry, dust-free ultrasonically cleaned LP. I can't imagine any benefit from putting goop of any sort on it, either for the LP itself or for the phono cartridge.

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