Pre owend TT J c verdier Platine

Is the sota cosmos iii is in the same level as the J c verdier Platine?
yes it is.....and not as fussy.
I'm curious. What is "fussy" about a Platine?
My Platine is not fussy at all. It's just set up and play - apart from a new linen thread and occasional oilf or the bearing, I've done no maintenance in the last 4 years.

I would go for a Platine.
Come on.
Hi Birdy,

I would make a point of listening to both turntables.

Overall position on the food chain as far as their particular desigh approach is not as important as the fact that they express very different philosophies.

One will make sense to you and the other will not. Only you can decide which is which.

Don't listen to any of us - except for the advice to not listen to any of us (grin).

Thom @ Galibier