Pre Outs on Musical Fidelity Tri Vista Integrated

anyone tried using the pre outs on the MF tri vista integrated amp? what power amp did you use? monoblocks? just curious...
Why would you want to do this? I think the 350 wpc amp is fantastic.
oh, it is fantastic! no doubt. but it does come with pre-outs, and i figured that somewhere out there is a person with more $ than i who tried the tri vista as a pre amp. not saying that i want to do it, just curious.
I tried the pre outs on the MF kW500 Integrated when I had it for an in-home audition. The pre-amp section on its own impressed me beyond expectations. The pre outs fed the signal to a pair of Cary SLAM-100 triode, push/pull amps (~ 95 watts). Quite a nice combo, actually. I think the pre-amp outs could also be used for a sub-woofer set upÂ….maybe.

As far as I can tell, the kW500 is a re-think of the Tri-Vista based on MF's experience with their kW pre-amp and power-amp monster separates. The phono section of the kW500 integrated is set up just like the Tri-Vista, for example. Hope this helps.