Pre out main in splitting?Maybe a quot;well duh quot; Q

Trying to figure out if I can use a reciever by using and RCA splitter and running one set of leads to a second amp and put second lead into main in so I ca continue to use the reciever amp for one or two sets of speakers off the reciever.Will this present any load problems to either second amp or reciever?Feel like I should grapple with this pretty easy but am in vapor lock.
The splitter will not cause any load problems to either amp and you can do exactly what you want. I have had many customers do this over the years without any issues.
Sure you can use an adapter as mentioned. However, unless your equipment is strictly bargain-basement level, you'll want to use quality hardware for best sonic performance. A search of the forum archives yields 4 threads containing multiple posts on the subject of y-adapters. Follow this link for further information: