Pre or Amp for best results with Zu Audio Subs

Having the Zu Presence speaker allows me to run an interconnect out of the Pre Amp to the amps for the sub speakers or the use of jumpers from the binding posts to the sub amps.

Anyone have a thought on the best of the two and how important is the IC used and the power cables for the sub amps.

Two different thoughts have come to me from friends. Some think it will not matter on the quality of the power cables/IC's. Some feel it does matter and that better AC cables/IC's will make a big difference with the subs

What say you?
If you use the speaker jumpers you are using the output and sonic signature of your amp. This can be good as both the subs and FRD are using the same source. It does drop the impedance by an ohm or so which shouldn't be a problem in most cases with Zu speakers.

Using the pre amp for the subs removes this which can also be good if your power amp is already struggling....... Again not an issue with Zu speakers in most cases.

Try them both and see. My subs are connected using the speaker inputs.