PRE IN and REC OUT on the Cayin A-100T Integrated Amplifier


Does anyone know what are the PRE-IN and REC OUT for?

I have this very simple system consisting of a Yamaha SACD Player and a Cayin A-100T Tube Integrated Amplifier.
For the most part, it sounds fantastic; however, it also reveals poorly mastered albums. So, I was considering adding a high quality Tone Control/Equalizer.
The most common connection would be to placed the Tone control between the source and the integrated amplifier: SACD PLAYER (OUT)->(IN) TONE CONTROL(OUT) -> (IN) INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER.

However, I wonder if connecting the Tone Control unit into the TAPE INPUT of the Integrated Amp, and then outputting the signal from the REC OUT of the Integrated Amp to the input of the Tone Control Unit would produce less distortion and better sound?

I know the PRE IN on the Integrated Amp is to add an additional Pre-Amp, and use the Integrated as a Power Amplifier.
The REC OUT is to connect a tape recorder or cd recorder. But, what I am not sure is, if these (PRE IN & REC OUT) can be used as Tape Loops or Tape Monitors, so I can connect the Tone Control in there.
The Tone Control I've been considering is the Schiit Loki, which has a by-pass mode. So, as I still don't like the idea of adding any extra components that could generate distortion; I am looking into ways to connect this device circumventing any possible distortion and being able to by-pass it completely.

Couldn't find information and the manual is very brief, not mentioning those inputs/outputs.

Any advise would be appreciated,

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*Here is a referential rear view of the Integrated Amp:

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Thank you Newbee, I really appreciate your input, you saved me some money on extra IC cables that I would have needed to try the "tape loop" route.

It seems that I will have to go: Source->Loki->Integrated Amp, and listen if there is any sound degradation.

Thanks again,