Pre for VTL tt-25's

Hi...I would like to hear some suggestions for a pre-amp (hopefully with phono) to use with a pair of VTL tt-25 mono blocks. Thanks, Lovesmusic
How about a VTL 2.5? Should offer plenty of system synergy, and I've seen a number of them on Audiogon lately at really low prices.
VTL 2.5 can't be beat for the money.
Well, I reckon I will throw in for the 2.5. I recently replaced the 12au7 tubes w/ some NOS GEs, and I am really enjoying this pre, which, until I can find a pair of VTL st-125s, is mated to a Rogue 88. You can get a line stage on Audiogon for a good price, send it to the factory and have a phono stage installed. I know that it'll be a lot of fun!

BTW, what are your speakers and sources?