pre for Pass xa60.5

Hi all

just got my Pass xa60.5 and i'm looking for a pre upgrade. Currently I drive them with Lector zoe tube pre (which mates my Lector cdp-7). I usually lean towards tube preamps although I'm not fixed on tube.Budget is around $2500 for a preowned unit.

mu current short list is:

First sound presence
Aesthetix calypso
joule electra la-150
or maybe older Pass models on SS.

I have very limited audition options and i usually buy based on reviews and Agon members' opinions - so every opinion counts.

Thanks in advance for each replier.
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I strongly suggest you audition a used Pass XP10. I have the XA160.5 and XP20 and it is a superb combination. I agree with Tvad about going balanced with this amp. Also, forget a fancy power cord for this amp and put the $$ toward a better preamp. Auditioning is key. The XP preamps are considerably better than the Aleph P and X-1 that I had. Mark at RENO HIFI or your local Pass dealer should lend you one of the new XP's for trial.
Good, but not so expensive power cords that work well are the VH Audio Flav 4s, $400 for you monoblocks. Though I do think the preamp will make a much more important difference the the PCs.
I have the Pass XP10. I did own the Aleph P & X1 before.
The XP10 is just better everywhere, even though it is only 1 chassis. The biggest improvement I've found is in detail retrieval. My X1 had 31 volume steps. The XP10 has 64.
Even on 1 volume click, I can hear all the detail in a song, it's just at a lower level.
Your amps are truly balanced. Your preamp should be, too..
thaks so far.

Tvad - which one will you choose for 3.3k ?

I can go balanced but my CDP (lector 7) is single ended only. will I hear any difference if not going balanced all the way ?
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