Pre for Pass X-250

HI there,

I purchased a Pass Labs x-250 (another story)and bought a Quicksilver pre to go with it. The pre amp is still in the states and I am wondering if the pre is really good enough for the Pass. I am using a 20 year old Musical Fidelity pre at the moment -sounds ok but doesn't make a combination to beat my present Nu-Vista M3.
I have a Quicksilver phono stage which I really like but wondered if something like a BAT Vk 3/5i might not be better.
Then one of my friends threw passive )Placette( into the equation ?
As you can imaginge, being in the uk, it's a case of buy and then try. There really is no easy way to hear all these amps over here unless you are a millionaire !
Thanks in Advance.
The Rogue 99M out performs the Quicksilver and then comes the CJ 14 (a little slower sounding maybe boring to some), then the AL 3A preamp. After that the Counterpoint SA-5000 bettered all of them (look at the used 5.1s on Agon now). Others that worked well with the X-250 were the Joule LA-150 (all their models are fine) then the Tom Evans Vibe which out performs them all but way more money.

Happy Listening.