pre for krell 302E , phantom 3 or AR ?

hi, i need pre for my 302E.
i see, several matches with AR pres. and with phantoms
Phantom is clinical sound or more smooth than 202 or 222 line ? 

can be better than with AR pre ?


what gear, including cabling, is in your system?

I would say the Krell Phantoms are just the newer generation of the same 222/202/280p preamps.  These are how the preamps evolved:

KAV-280p ==> Phantom III

Evo 222 ==> Phantom II  (much larger power supply and large analog boards)

Evo 202 ==> Phantom  (This is the unit with a separate power supply chassis).

I love the Krell sound.  It is very fast, clear, detailed and beautiful.  However, it can easily be mis-matched with components (such as silver cabling, bright speakers, etc.).

The Acoustic Research (which I am guessing what you mean by AR) is going to be a completely different sound.  I haven't heard, them, but AR is know to be neutral and fast for a tube preamp.


AR : audio Research pre

i have wilson sophia 2
new line Phantoms pres are mor smooth and musical than old 202 , 222,,,, ? 
Yes, the Audio Research (ARC) is an excellent sonic match w/ Wilson speakers. Do not forget the Transparent cabling!

Happy Listening!
2nd note;

if you go with Krell gear, M.I.T. cabling, is a sonic match.

Happy Listening!
ARC is fine, but they're preamps are not consistent. They can sometimes be bright sounding. I you can't try it in your system first, I would pass. Someething from BAT or Aesthetix would be a safer choice.
what do you mean with "AR not consistent" ? 
VTL can be another choise ? (with krell evo)
i have this options at good deal
Audio Research LS26
Phantom III
which way are you going- mati1979?
"what do you mean with "AR not consistent" ?

Different models can sound very different from each other. ARC doesn't have a strong "house sound" like some of the other brands. Its probably due to them having different designers for each of their lines.
"VTL can be another choise ? (with krell evo)"

VTL should work fine. If you can find a used VTL 2.5, buy it before someone else does. If it turns out that you don't care for it, you should be able to sell it without taking a loss.