Pre and Post Echo's on Trinity Revisited

Posted this question a while back and did not get a great deal of feedback, so I will try again.

Do you have the Cowboy Junkies' Trinity Revisited on vinyl? When you play track one do you heard fairly significant Pre and Post echo's when Margo sings? I don't mean 'echos' from the hall ambience of the large stone church; I mean vocals repeating exactly as sung.

I played this record a number of times at the RMAF on some really good TT's and almost never heard the Pre and Post. Background noise at the show is pretty high however so I am wondering if that masked the echos. My dedicated listening room is extremely quiet (below 45db) and when I play this record I clearly hear numerous instances of Pre and Post echos. I'm wondering if this is a TT setup issue or if these echos are inherent to the recording and 'normal'? Do you hear these echoes?
I have listened to this LP on all three of my tables and do not hear any echo. My listening room is not as quiet as yours, so maybe they are there, but I sure haven't heard anything weird.
Just wondering if: (1) Related entirely to my copy of the vinyl, (2) Setup issue or problem with my table/arm/cartridge, (3) the very quiet background in my room???

Just for grins I could buy another copy of the album (I love anyway) and see if I have the same issue... I played my copy at the local stereo shop and did not hear the echos...
Pre/post echo is purely a function of the mastering process for the record. In cutting the lacquer, there are many tradeoffs that have to be made, and the quest for longer playing time inevitably leads to less land between adjacent grooves, and hence increases the possibility that pre-echo will be heard. Also, I believe that there are subtleties to the process of electroplating the lacquers where experience and skill can determine the amount of pre-echo . . .

And on top of it, it's likely that you may have different amounts of this artifact based on which particular stamper, mother, and lacquer your particular copy of a given record was made from.