pre amps with HT bypass

I need to use the system as a dual system. Two channel and HT, so as I rebuild it I want to go to pre amp with bypass. I notice a couple have this feature. Can folks help me make up a list. The speakers I am using are maggies 1.6.

I am going to also purchase a power amp as everyone is saying that the NAD 975 at 140 watts is not doing it. I am thinking a Bel Canto 1000/500 or Wyred for sound, perhaps Nuforce

Any help will be welcome.
There are lots of pre-amps w HT by-pass. A few very good ones that I have owned include VAC Ren, BAT (most), and some Doshi Alaaps. There are dozens of others. can you narrow it done a little? Tube or ss, line only or line w phono, budget, etc?
Why not a Wyred integrated, they have HT Bypass.
Here's a relatively long list of them, though by no means comprehensive:
From my understanding of the class D amps they all really seem to benifit from tube pre amps. So am leaning that way.

The Wyred for sound is on the list. More so I am trying to make a decision that will works for the best.

Thank you for the link, will check them out.
I think Cary SLP-05 is one of the best preamp with HT bypass.
Have you tried tube preamps or are you just going off of this site? I have tried a number of tube preamps and solid state preamps and have come to the conclusion a good preamp is a good preamp. One that adds no color of any kind and gets out of its own way. The most important thing I found in preamps is the quality of the volume control and to a lesser degree the input/output stage. I would worry a lot less about tube vs solid state and focus on quality. I ended up with a Benchmark DAC1-HDR and both its analog input and toslink are very balanced (USB is another story) and quiet.

Now my choice in preamp will not work for you but I would demo some tube preamps and see what you think. Just remember that any coloration (distortion) in the preamp section will be greatly magnified by the amps. It is easier by design to make solid state quieter and maybe every more neutral. But tubes can be just as good. But it comes down to what you like. I am not going to tell a tube fan my solid state pre is better... though I am sure he will tell me his tubes are better lol. Now if you think your Magnepans are bright the tubes may just do the trick.
James63 you hit the nail on the head. That is what started me down this road. The Magnepans are just a touch bright in my room with my set up. That is the reason to try the tube pre. And I am going to listen a lot before buying. So it could still a solid state.
Sonic Frontiers/Anthem, and CJ usually comes with HT bypass.
I owned 1.6's for several years and at one point I was using a Modwright 9.0SE,HT bypass,paired with ss amp.Very good synergy.