Pre Amps which sound similar to "older" Conrad Johnson Tube Pre amps?


Does anyone have any thoughts on which modern day pre-amps have a warm 3D characteristic similar to the older Conrad Johnson Pre-amps?

So far it seems that Cary, Jolida, VAC, Vincent could fall into this category, but I don't have any first-hand experience with any of the above.  

Looking for musicality first and foremost, nothing overly analytical.

A good match for a Threshold feeding a pair of Maggies.
Quicksilver, Audio Note, Shindo, Melos, Scientific Fidelity, EAR, Rowland, Counterpoint
You can generally achieve that old, warm coloration by loading a preamp with NOS British valves, like from Mullard, Ediswan and Brimar(UK made/not rebranded).
Are you doing this to fix the tweeters on your Magnepans? If you are, give them a call. Magnepan is aware that a lot of customers find their highs to be harsh. They'll give you some resistors that you put in the binding posts along with the speaker cables. With the resistors in place the high frequencies are rolled off somewhat. It makes the speakers more listenable. They won't charge you for them.