Pre-amps Conrad Johnson PV-10AL vs PV-12AL

I need help choosing between these two pre-amps Conrad Johnson PV-10AL (89-93, used $550) Vs PV-12AL (93-97, used $650). Please tell what are the strength and fault of each pre-amp. I’m planning to set-up a second 2 channels system in a small listening room and I would like to hear from someone who has compared and/or heard great review for them.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Also, has anyone compared the Classe CP-45 to the McCormack TLC-1 pre-amps?
Again, many thanks
I have owned both the PV-10AL as well as the PV-12L. Both are excellent units. The PV-10 is a little more polite. It sounds a little warmer and not as extended in the high frequencies. It also lacks the focus of the PV-12L. The PV-12 sounds more extended on both extremes and presents a more focused image. The PV-10 seems to have better depth and soundstage while the PV-12L seem to resolve inner detail much better and has more speed and transparency.

Hope this helps,

I agree 100%

I owned a PV10AL, and it had an incredible sense of presence, but isn't as accurate.

Side by side, on first listen the 10 is likely going to sound more exciting, as it has more of the oft noted "tube magic" going on.

I later owned the PV11AL, which is the predecessor of the 12.

The 11 was and is much more refined than the 10, although it lost that in the room presence of the 10, while gaining resolution, accuracy, detail, and some more of the top end.

I liked the 10 as my first tube pre, but later as my taste grew more refined, I learned to appreciate the 11 as superior.

good luck