pre-amp with home theatre pass through

I'm looking for a pre-amp with a home theatre pass through. I have a mccormack dna and their old preamp, the tlc 1. Looking to integrate amp into home theatre system, but want it separated for two channel listening. Any suggestions?
Modwright SWL 9.0
I believe it has what you want.
Sell your old one and pick up the RDL1 (used)
the mcintosh c2200 tube pre has a ht pass thru,i couldnt tell ya how it works as ive never used this feature on mine but i know it has it.

Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2 and 3 also the Gamut preamp
I have a SF Line 1 with a similar setup. The HT passthrough is great. If this is your main TV which is on most of the time, keep in mind that any tube based pre-amp is going to get alot of hours logged on the tubes even while in HT passthrough mode, at least that's the case with the SF.
Classe CP-50
Check out c-j 17LS or higher in the line.

Good Luck!*>)
Pass Labs X2.5
The McIntosh C45 is specifically designed with 5.1 pass through capability. I believe it has 2 sets of 6 channels, plus stereo inputs as well.
The Herron tubed preamp VTSP-2 and the solid state HL-1 both have HT pass-through.

Superb preamps, and very reliable - try the website:

Supratek. Mick will build it to your spec. Be prepered for a wait unless you pick one up used. Not much cheaper used though.
Audio Research LS preamps have the pass through switch too.