Pre amp with Dac

Is there a Pre with a dac included out there in the $2500 used that does a good job. I stream Tidal from my computer; no phono needed. I use Bel Canto 600ref mono's for amps.   Thanks  Gary

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Benchmark DAC3 or Mytek Brooklyn

NAD M51 is on sale at the Audio Advisor at almost half price. Sounds like a great deal for someone looking for a very good digital preamp.

The Mytek is a great suggestion. 
The Ayre Codex can be run as a DAC with Preamp Volume function.
I have the C510 (same internals as M51) and would say it's very detailed & doesn't have any glaring faults.  I recently auditioned the Codex and found it just a little bit better all around (but not enough to feel it was worth the price to upgrade).  The following week I heard the Chord Hugo2 and that just seemed to do everything right. Saving my money for one now.