Pre amp with Dac

Is there a Pre with a dac included out there in the $2500 used that does a good job. I stream Tidal from my computer; no phono needed. I use Bel Canto 600ref mono's for amps.   Thanks  Gary

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Lots of options, especially if you don’t need analog. I would look at digital preamplifiers that avoid analog stages and provide attenuation in the digital domain. I would also look at units that can attenuate 24 bit signals without truncating bits. Unfortunately you need to go way up the Bel Canto line before both these boxes are checked.

NAD has a couple of good ones however, the c510, the m51, and your budget may even allow you to sneak into a m12. These are spectacular units. 
It’s a little bit beyond your budget, but you may be able to locate one used for around $3000, the PS Audio Direct Stream Junior.  It’s not a preamp, per se, but can operate as one.  I’ve used it as a preamp and was quite impressed with the results.  As far as how it performs as a DAC, there’s been plenty written and reviewed on them.  They do have a network bridge, so streaming Tidal and Roon is quite seamless.  Heck, you may be able to call them directly to see if you could peel one from them at a discount/Black Friday type deal, may be worth a shot.  
Benchmark DAC3 or Mytek Brooklyn