Pre amp with Atma-Sphere S30

I just bought the Atma Sphere S30 amp and am looking for a good mate for it.

Zu Presence speakers @ 101db/12 ohm.

Thinking on the Lamm LL2/FSP Deluxe MK3.


Any thoughts?
Is there a reason you're not considering the obvious choice of a used Atma-Sphere MP-3?

Whatever you select, I recommend a balanced preamp to take advantage of the balanced circuitry of the S-30 since Atma-Sphere is optimally designed for balanced operation.
Yes, I would definitely second the matching Atma-Sphere pre. I have heard an Atma-Sphere Zu system before, great choice I'm sure you will love it.
All my wire has RCA ends so..
It seems as if the MP-3 has two RCA inputs? Can I use RCA with it? I need two, one for Sat TV.
03-14-10: Glory
It seems as if the MP-3 has two RCA inputs? Can I use RCA with it? I need two, one for Sat TV.
Absolutely. Also, you can use adapters if you run out of RCA inputs.
...the benefit to the MP-3 is running balanced from the preamp to the amps.
Also, running balanced from preamp to amp won't cost much in terms of XLR cables. If you read Ralph's posts here, since the balanced design supports the 600 ohm standard, a pair of Mogami XLR cables will do just fine.

I'd be interested to hear how you like the S-30. I have my eye on one as my speakers were voiced with this amp.
I tried expensive ICs and Mogami's - I'm using the Mogamis, they do the job suprebly and they are cheap, VERY cheap of audiophile stadards.
I also have had great success with mogami cables.

They synergy of A-S gear working together is a big selling point for going with the MP-3