Pre Amp Wars/Advice

I have posted another thread here regarding cartridge choices and had some very helpful tips. Ended up with a Benz silver on my Clear Audio Emotion table. As it fits my needs for now. Denon AVR receiver and B&W CDM9's.
But I am planning out my future purchases to build a system. All of which is going to consist of used equipment.
If I had the money to buy new. I would not be posting on a used equipment, for the most part, forum. But if there is something you folks think that can be purchased new that rivals my thoughts. By all means let me know.
My next consideration in my system is the preamp. This is going to built over time. One piece at a time.
Here's the list of preamps I am semi familiar with and one I owned.
Counterpoint SA5.1 I owned. Am familiar with the reliability issues. So no need to bring that up. Went back twice. Both times, the power supply was the issue. But loved the way it sounded. Associated equipment changed over the years. But Speakers used over time where. Maggie's and Apogee Duetta's. So that is my first consideration as I know it.
Second is a Counterpoint 3000 or 5000.
Third would be an Audio Research SP6 to SP9. Have never heard the 6 but have heard the 9 back in day on Martin Logan's.
So any thoughts are appreciated. If I missed something let me know.
By the way. Already in the process of upgrading the cartridge to a Glider S.
Gotta love this hobby.
Thanks for your input in advance.
Good stuff that Counterpoint gear. The 5.1 has a cult following and for good reason. Other products such as the SA2 had similar issues with the PS. I got my SA2 PS rebuilt with updated parts and the wimpy external transformer replaced with the Plitron. The Plitron update especially made an improvement that could never have been expected. I suggest that you contact Mike Elliot about some updates for the 5.1......starting with the Plitron. If you're good with a soldering iron, you could update many of the PS parts yourself.
John, First. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I have noticed there is a cult following of that preamp in particular. The SA3000 seems to be fairly easy to come by. Compared to the 5.1 My guess is, there is a reason for that.I guess the Cult is sitting on there SA 5.1's LOL. I have done quite a bit of reading regarding Mike's upgrades for the Counterpoint stuff. Mostly positive sans price. But that is to be expected. Different strokes for different folks. That's what makes the world go around.
I would really like to find someone who has made direct comparisons for any of the Audio Research preamps with phono and the SA3000 or the SA 5.1. Also the SA3000 compared to the 5.1. That could be a tall order though. I did find one with an SA3000 compared to the Audio Research SP9.
Anyway, Thanks again for the input.