Pre amp w/ HT bypass

I have a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE, am thinking of building a HT system one day but don't want to lose the tube magic when I run 2 channel.

Will I be better off swapping wires when I watch movie or use the HT bypass? Since most processor will take digital input, I can run digital out to processor and 2-ch out to my SF Line 3, and only swap the IC from pre/processor to power depending on what I want to listen to.

What do you guys do when your pre amp has HT bypass?
Use the HT bypass. That's what it's for and it works great.

I have a line 3 SE too & I use separate interconnects. I think there are a some considerations to take into account, tube wear & to a lesser extent additional electric usage. Also, do you want to use balanced interconnects? If so you can't use the HT bypass with balanced IC's. I also had a problem with a ground loop in my system when I used the HT bypass that was difficult to track down, I'm not saying you will run into the same problem but it could occur. The downfall - my wife can't watch a movie unless I already have the IC's hooked up (oh well). Just my two sense.