Pre amp Upgrade with current system

I recently fitted the AT-ARC9 and was floored by its ability to reproduce dynamic and neutrality that was missing from my previous MM cart. Still needs to be broken in. My previous cart was an Orofone Bronze 2MM.  Bass is much tighter and bold. Mid range is exceptionally clear, human voices are in front of the listener, whereas before it was muffled as if it was played through a fabric. The highs are much crisper with warmth and tonality.
In light of this new cartridge and the wider soundstage it produces, I am wondering if my current pre amp can be upgraded. OTOH, the cart is still new and could wait for it to come to life after a hundred hrs or so.
I would like to achieve an increase in volume only in the highest end of the spectrum which we call Brilliance.
Current gear:Simaudio Moon 350P
Herron VTPH-2ATechnics 1200 mkII (upgraded)
Audio-Technica at-art9
Bryston 4B3Bryston Model T
Oppo 205
I would like to achieve an increase in volume only in the highest end of the spectrum which we call Brilliance.

I find it works much better to look only for components that are really good. As a consequence of that its just never in 30 years been necessary to try and fix anything like what you're doing. Even if I did have a deficiency (which I do, everyone does, nothing ever is perfect) I would never go looking for something to patch it over. Because then I know its only a matter of time before something else has to go, and then I'm right back to grabbing another band-aid. To put over the problem. That I myself created.

No thanks.

If you can identify something in your system- power cord, interconnect, speaker cable, fuse, whatever- that is rolled off, then by all means upgrade that. If its the pre amp then look for a better one.

For sure its not your cart. AT are not rolled off. Quite the opposite. For sure its not your Bryston. Ditto. For sure its not the Herron. I have that. Its the best thing in your system. Definitely not that. Looking at reviews I seriously doubt its your pre-amp.

If you can't find the culprit then I would still not change the pre amp. That's about the last thing I would do. First would be Total Contact. For sure you will hear improved detail, sparkle, extension- but also tremendously improved imaging, depth, and harmonic structure that you will find hard to believe. Cable Elevators are another one to improve top end detail. Orange Fuse. Cables. Power conditioner. ECT, HFT. Long list of things I would do first.