Pre-amp Upgrade


I have the upgrade bug and looking to replace my Audio Research LS15 preamp. Considering the ARC LS17, VTL 5.5, Shindo Aurieges L, CJ Premier 17LS or even possibly the CJ Premier 16 LS or ARC LS26. Would be using with CJ MV60SE and Proac 3.8 speakers. What is your experience with these preamps? Thanks
I have owned both the cj 17 and 16ls II the 16 was better by far. Haven't heard the others on your list but for system synergy(match with your amp) I would stick with the cj.

I believe the Shindo pres are a game changer. The auriges were for me. If you want super hyped detail then the Shindo is not for you. If you want a powerful emotional experience and know the sound of live music then you must here the Shindo
I've owned VTL 5.5 and CJ 16LS 2. VTL creates big open dynamic sound that sparkles. CJ sounds smooth and mellow. Currently I use ARC VSi60 which is an integrated amp with passive pre. To my ears ARC sounds more transparent and musical than either of them.
Have you considered the CJ PV-15? It is neutral and dynamic. Or perhaps you would consider it a step down?
Take a listen to the VAS Citation I. Built to a classic HK tube pre amp design, it may have all the detail you are looking for. Its MSRP is about $5K. I use it with VAS mono blocks. Great match, great sound.
If you enjoyed your LS-15 and want the same sound signature, but (a lot) more of it, the LS-26 is a wonderful amp.

Personally, I like the synergy of CJ amps and preamps together. If you can find one, the CT-6 is the unsung hero of the CJ preamp lineup - it's like getting 90% of the sound from a CT-5 for less than 1/2 the price. The CJ pre that sounds most like the ARC gear IMHO is the PFR. I know that you want tubes, but it's a great preamp and is available for a very reasonable (aka cheap) price.
Thanks guys, this is the kind of info that I am looking for. Now, if I could only audition all of the recommended pre-amps in my environment I would be in a real good position to make a wise choice. I am lined-up with the local dealer for a demo/loaner Shindo and a VTL 5.5 ... that is at least a good start.
I concur with Br3098. If you can find a used PF-R, it is a steal. Former Stereophile Class A, I use one in my BR system and in years past it was my main pre. For about a grand used you get the equivalent of a $5K current pre product, IMHO.

This is for single-source (digital)?
There is a PFR for sale on the Gon but it looks a bit rough.
Absolutely agree with Ahendler. The Shindo Aurieges L is the "entry level" pre in Shindo's lineup but there is nothing entry level about its sound. Far more musical than my Audio Research Ref 3. If I ever manage to sell my Ref 3, I will be replacing it with an Aurieges L or maybe even a Monbrison. Can't wait. ;->