Pre-amp to Sub question

Hi there...
I'm running Magnepan 1.6/QR with Stratos amp and a Rogue Metis pre-amp. I've run a subwoofer cable from the tape outs of the Metis, but they are NOT variable. So using this method I have to adjust the sub volume seperately since the pre-amp only has one set of variable out's.
What's the prefered method for this type of setup? My sub does have high level inputs. I've read that some folks send a second set of speaker wires to the high level inputs.
What's my best bet?


Get a decent pair of Y-connectors and run the main preamp outputs to both the sub and the power amp.

I use hi level inputs to my sub and prefer it. But Kal's suggestion is certainly good.
I have since tried using the pre-outs and the hi level. I was surprised to find that the hi-level was superior, so I'm quite happy now, not to mention that this manner of connection gets more out of the subs.


the theory Rel Acoustics (the maker of my Sub) postulates is that using the hi level inputs enables the sub to "see" the exact same signal as do the speakers. In my mind this makes sense.