pre-amp that's balanced with remote volume control

So far, I like the PS Audio pca-2 and the Bent NOH. I'm not sure if this is a fair comparison though, as one is active and the other is passive. I plan to use it primarily with CD, although extra inputs could be tempting. I'd like to know how these two compare, and if there are any others, that I've missed, in this price range.
Thanks, Sonny
I don't know the value of these two preamps, but most all the BAT preamps have very comprehensive remotes, and the new Aesthetix Janus also has a remote (but is on the order of $6k).
Also Spectral has the Balanced option and most used ones seem to be set up that way. Brystons also have balanced outs and two balanced in. The latest BP25's can be found for $1100 To $1500 used.
placette rvc or the 3 input passive is remote control the balanced operation is optional
I think the Aesthetix is called the Calypso. I had the BAT VK-30SE preamp and it sounded similiar to SS. I have not heard the 31SE version.

Happy Listening.
McIntosh preamps C45, 46, C200 are balanced, and have remote, too