Pre amp that match to Pass Alep 5

Currently I used Pass Alep 5 driving the Dunlavy IV/A with Alep L Preamp. I consider to buy the new pre amp to match with the Alep 5, which has the balance input. I'm looking for Pass Alep P but unfortunately it's very rare. I noticed that the new Pass X 2.0 and 2.5 are still availble in this web and price very attractive. My question is which one is match to the Alep 5.

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Hi, I tried to match my Aleph 3 with the X2 and had terrible Hum problems. I and the dealer tried everything to get rid of it, to no avail. I tried the X2 with the Aleph 5 too, briefly, same result. I now use my Aleph 3 with a CJ Premier 17 valve pre. Not balanced I know, but simply wonderful, wide fatigue free soundstage, dynamic, detailed. The Aleph comes up quite often over here in the UK, but the dollar exchange rate and postage would make a purchase prohibitive
The Aleph P is a perfect match. They show up at least 1 a month for $1,500 or less.
As the previous poster said, many people have raved about the Aleph P with the Aleph amps. I have owned this, and also have had long-term in-home auditions of the X-1 and the X2.5. The X-1, I thought, was phenomenal in every way. The X2.5 was very decent, maybe a couple notches down from the X-1. Both X preamps seemed to have greater clarity and detail vs. the Aleph P, and both are very dynamic. Any of the three would be welcome in my home.

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May be I misunderstand in something. You said that both X preamp are greater clarity and detail than Aleph P. Did you listen them with Aleph Amp?

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Yes, I have had several Aleph amps:
Aleph 5, Aleph 2 monos, and now Pass/Volksamp Aleph 60 mono amps. The Aleph 60 is essentially an Aleph 2 (100 watts) ,scaled down to 60 watts and with a revised and hand-matched input board. I and the people at Pass agree that it is the best sounding Aleph amp ever made. They are rare and no longer made (though I think Pass could custom make a pair if they were willing--probably very costly). There is sort of a cult status with this amp, buyt others do not know or appreciate what they have and occasionally sell on Audiogon at very reasonable prices.

I will repeat, as regards the Pass preamps, that the Aleph P Remote (do not get the non-remote version), the X2.5 and they X1 are all superb preamps and all make very nice music through my Aleph 60s into my Quad 989s. That might give you some idea of my listeing preferences, as pertains to equipment.

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Thanks Jeffrey.
Yes, Jeffrey, thanks for all the valuable information you gave me too!